Overwatch Legit Balanced Dize Config Update Jan 2022


Dec 25, 2020
So new updated Config better then ever more Legit and more effective.

Updated Heroes: Sombra, Roadhog, Echo, Doomfist, Ashe, Genji.

How to Use: for all Heroes with mouse left just hold it down. for Heroes with mouse left and mouse5 use mouse left as default and m5 as a flick/more Accurate option.

Reminder: Both configs are identical exept Fov config is with Walls, Aimbot Fov showing, Enemy Healthbars etc. Normal Config is Without anything and Streamproof.

Happy Cheating! Let me know how the Config is and leave ur recommendations Below in the comments and ill try to adjust it :)

Kind Regards Dize aka. Neramo


  • Dize CFG Fov.txt
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  • Dize CFG.txt
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