Honest review on APEX Cheat

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Mar 28, 2020
I was very skeptical about it at first but i thought to myself any cheat with a free trial must be either legit or a virus so I was prepared for the worse. First of all the sign up is simple and hassle free as heck no funny shit no problems the discord server is active and you get support almost instantly after you request it. I praise the support staff fully for responding to and answering my questions allowing me to have a smooth transition in both changing my windows version and using the cheat. Now onto the cheat, I will start with negatives (this cheat is still in beta so things mentioned here may be worked on in the future or are already being worked on). The auto shoot doesn't work on laptops, it has something to do with the trackpad but its a real downside and really limits me to shy away from using shotguns. Cheat is only available currently for windows version 1803, I personally have absolutely no problem with this, but just a heads up again these things will probably be worked on as soon as possible by the staff, they are only human so we have to give them time. Now on the up side, the cheat is absolutely amazing, note the fact that it comes with a spoofer which is a great feat in itself. From one shotting people with Krabers to lazering people with an R-99/ Havoc rifle, the cheat will suit all your needs and you will be entertained for every cent of your hard earned money. Whether you're going for apex predator or just wanna drop them 20 bombs this cheat is really your best bet, with the hardworking programmers and support staff as well as a very nice community, when you go unleashed you can never turn back. Personally I am currently plat 3 and i have 3k badges on all the legends in the game I've played about 400 games and im level 60 and haven't got banned on my account displaying the security of the cheat. I recommend it to any and everybody looking to get that competitive edge over their opponents.
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Jan 1, 1970
Great feedback, thank you for writing it down!