Overwatch review time

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Jan 3, 2020
Ok, first off: Thanks to @Vicious for making me do this. I'm not giving any points as in the current state, the cheat is still beta. I will talk about the different features, nothing else.

The aimbot is great. It is perfectly fine for hitscan, even tho it really needs to be finetuned in order to act legit. Still, very good and consistent aimbot. Prediciton always needs some work but right now, it is WAY better than in the beginning. You can actually play a decent hanzo if you can read the movement of the enemy before playing aimbot only.

The Triggerbot is a thing for itself. Sometimes I hit nuts with it, sometimes (and I legit don't know why) I miss like I would play clean (kappa). You better set the triggerbot hitbox scale to a lower amount or the triggerbot is shooting way to early and miss literally every shot. I found the best settings with 55-60%. Thats what works the best for me

The Visuals are very customizable, thats what I like the most.
I don't need the big esp bars etc etc etc. Just have a decent glow and a head skeleton (+ predicted skeleton for perfect hanzo plays) and you're all set.

Well, thats something that still needs to be proven. For now, it survived both banwaves that happend since release. So PLEASE, keep it like that FeelsGoodMan

What else could we talk about?
Ah yes, my pen!

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Jan 1, 1970
As it's a kinda short review there's not much to say. Our aimbot will be improved huge time with our upcoming prediction update especially for heroes like Hanzo. In addition to that we will add many more Overwatch specific features over time, e.g. auto shoot Ashe dynamite. Security-wise I am not afraid to state that we are on top of the Overwatch scene.

Thank you for the feedback!
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