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Reseller Program
The Unleashed Reseller Program aims at creating more growth opportunities for you by offering attractive discounts on all our cheats. Here you can discover the key benefits of our program that’s provided to encourage you to expand your customer base:
  • Manage and track your key orders through a dedicated panel.
  • Different discount levels that allow you to grow with your sales.
  • Permanent discounts for a wide range of products.
  • It's free!

panel1.png panel2.png panel3.png

Program Benefits

1. Total Amount Ordered

Higher the revenue, higher the discounts! Depending on your total money spent (TMS), you can receive permanent discounts of up to 15% on all panel purchases.

There are four different tiers in this program - and each tier has its own discount level. Your TMS, calculated from your first order on and will determine your future discounts.

TierTotal money spendTotal permanent discount
Tier 12505%
Tier 25007%
Tier 3100010%
Tier 4500015%

2. Bulk Order

We also offer a bulk discount on purchases of 25 or more keys. To view the exact rates sign up to the wholesale panel and become an Unleashed seller.


The discounts do not add up, only the highest discount available will be used based on the order you make.

Join Unleashed Reseller Program
Register your free reseller profile to receive additional benefits to help you differentiate your business and support your customers' growing demand.

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